Richard Foster was brought up at East Lexham, Norfolk and he aways thought that something ought to be painted for the blocked up window in the church.  He first measured it in 1972, then thought about it in the Eighties, and finally got started in 2005.  It was finished and hung in 2013.  

In 2015 Richard painted a St Andrew, patron saint of the church, for the niche.  In May 2017 he hung the "Second Coming" behind the altar.

There was an exhibition in the barn next to the church in July 2017 of the pictures and related preparatory work, followed by a dedication service taken by the Bishop of Norwich.

The Deposition, which was part of the preparatory work and finished in 1988, was hung up over the door at the back in 2018. Pictures need homes and it was just kicking around in the studio, but as it was painted in tempera on paper, it needed to be laid down on a solid support before it could be hung up.